Three sets 10T waste tire to machine installed in Guangdong, China

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In 2018, Guangdong customers purchased three sets 10T waste tire to oil machine from Henan DOING.

Henan DOING sent two engineers to the site to guide the installation after the machine delivered to Guangdong . After installation and debugging, the waste tire to oil machine was successfully put into trial operation.

tire to oilWaste tire to oil machine installed in Guangdong

The waste tires collected by Guangdong customers can be converted into tire oil, carbon black and steel wire by waste tire to oil machine. And the tire pyrolysis oil product obtained can be sold directly to the nearby oil factory, which is very convenient.

waste tire to oil machineWaste tire to oil machine is being installed

Three sets 10T waste tire to oil machine purchased by Guangdong customers can process 30 tons of waste tires every day and nearly 900 tons of waste tires in a month. According to the market price of tire pyrolysis oil and carbon black, Guangdong customers can get a good income.


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