Is the pyrolysis plant environmentally harmful?

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For most customers who want to buy pyrolysis plant, whether the pyrolysis plant is harmful to the environment is one of their top concerns. Professional pyrolysis plant suppliers tell you that using environmentally friendly pyrolysis plant to treat solid&hazardous waste like waste tires/plastics/oil sludge will not pollute the environment and can be put into operation normally and smoothly.

pyrolysis plantDOING factory pyrolysis plant

General industrial pollution is mainly divided into waste water and waste gas. DOING pyrolysis plant can meet the environmental protection standards of different countries, it has circulating water cooling system and exhaust gas treatment systems to ensure there is no waste water and gas pollution. And here are some environmental protection devices details of DOING pollution-free pyrolysis plant.

1. The circulating water cooling system

The new type of waste tire/plastic/oil sludge pyrolysis plant produced by Doing Company adopts circulating cooling water and dedusting water, which can be used continuously to ensure zero discharge of waste water in the production process.

cooling systemThe circulating water cooling system

2. Exhaust gas treatment systems

(1)Tail gas deodorization device

After the oil gas is completely cooled, some tail gas that cannot be cooled but can be used to heat the pyrolysis reactor to save fuel. However, if the tail gas is directly burned, it will produce an unbearable odor. Therefore, it is necessary to equip the tail gas deodorization device developed by us to remove harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide in tail gas before it is burned, and then apply it to the combustion heating furnace to solve the problem of factory odor.

pyrolysis plantTail gas deodorization device

(2)Desulfurization tower device

When the fuel is burned to heat the reactor, some smoke will be generated, and the direct emission will cause air pollution. So we equipped the desulfurization tower with a catalyst to remove the dust and sulfide to meet the emission standards.

3. Other environmental protection designs of DOING pyrolysis plant

The whole pyrolysis process of DOING pyrolysis plant is sealed to keep the working environment clean and won't cause any harmful pollution. As for the produced powdery substances such as carbon black, our new design pyrolysis plant is equipped with a carbon black slag discharge device, which can discharge carbon black without pollution and has high efficiency.

In short, DOING pollution-free pyrolysis plant is environmentally friendly and you can place the order at ease. We have installed the waste tire/plastic/oil sludge pyrolysis plants in more than 90+ countries till now. If you have plans to invest in the waste recycling industry, or are looking for environmentally friendly, high-profit projects, you can contact us.


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