Are waste oils recyclable? How to get maximum profit?

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There are many kinds of waste oils, such as waste tire/plastic pyrolysis oil, waste crude oil, waste engine oil, waste lubricating oil, black heavy oil, etc. It can be said certainly that these waste oils are recyclable and we can adopt the waste oil distillation plant to recycle these waste oils into diesel.

So how to recycle these waste oil to get high profits? DOING Company will analyze it for you to help you achieve the success and maximum profits of the waste oil recycling business.

waste oil to dieselNew design waste oil to diesel plant

As we all know, the profit of developing the waste oil recycling business mainly depends on the margin of recycling price and selling price.

The waste oil recycling prices are mainly influenced by the water content of waste oils. Usually, the lower the water content of waste oils, the higher the cost it requires to collect it. If we can try to control the collecting cost of waste oils at the same time as controlling the quality, it will undoubtedly help us to get the maximum profit from this business.

You can go to the nearest waste oil recycling point to compare and buy, and collect waste oil at the best price. Some regions even give subsidies for this kind of environmentally friendly recycling business, you can learn more about the local situation.

waste oil to diesel plantWaste oil to diesel plant

Besides the waste oil recycling price, the profit is also related to the selling price of the final products. If you can extract diesel fuel from waste oil effectively and the diesel fuel is of high quality, then you may obtain a higher selling price.

The diesel oil yield of DOING waste oil refining plant can reach 85%, which can help you extract the diesel fuel out of waste oil in a most effectively and environmentally friendly way. And here is the profit analysis of DOING waste oil refining plant for your reference.

diesel oil yield5T/D waste oil refining plant for your reference

DOING waste oil distillation plant has different models and processing capacities. Our latest waste oil distillation plant is very popular with our foreign customers due to its high efficiency and safety. Feel free to contact Henan Doing Company for best support and free quote!


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