Applications of pyrolysis oil as fuel alternative obtained by pyrolysis plant

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According to the pyrolysis oil report detected by SGS, the total calorific value of pyrolysis oil is 44.32MJ/kg, net calorific value is 41.71MJ/kg. In comparison, the gross heating values of diesel and gasoline are 43.8 and 46.0 MJ/kg, respectively. Therefore, pyrolysis oil obtained from waste tire, waste plastic, oil sludge by pyrolysis plants has become the most popular alternative fuel. So, do you know what the applications of these pyrolysis oils are? Let me give a brief introduction.

The main application of pyrolysis oil is as fuel combustion, which can be used for boiler heating, and selling to boiler factories, cement factories, steel factories, brick factories, glass factories, heavy oil power plants, etc. And it is also suitable for heavy oil generators.

The applications of pyrolysis oilThe applications of pyrolysis oil

Besides, you need to know that pyrolysis oil is not only used for these purposes, but also can be refined into diesel oil with waste oil distillation equipment. This is a further processing method of pyrolysis oil. After distillation, non-standard diesel oil can be obtained. Non-standard diesel oil can be used in diesel generator(diesel generator with rotating speed lower than 2000 rpm), trailers, trucks, mining machinery and heavy machinery.

The pyrolysis oil is widely used in factories of various enterprises and many merchants have earned high profits by selling pyrolysis oil and non-standard diesel oil. If you want to get this most popular alternative fuel of pyrolysis oil from solid wastes, you can contact us. DOING is a professional waste tire plastic oil sludge pyrolysis plant manufacturer in China. We can supply all kinds of pyrolysis plants and waste oil distillation plants to help you get pyrolysis oil and diesel oil.

DOING pyrolysis plant waste oil distillation plantDOING pyrolysis plant and waste oil distillation plant

In addition, we can provide you with information on the pyrolysis project industry, help you understand the local industry situation faster, and provide you with a complete set of pyrolysis solutions to help you establish a pyrolysis plant faster and more smoothly. Choose Henan Doing Group, and we can provide you with professional plants and perfect after-sale service for you.

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