Can waste oil be regenerated into diesel?

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Yes, if the waste oil refers to used motor oil, used tyre pyrolysis oil, used plastic pyrolysis oil or the oil obtained from waste oil sludge. Here let’s take used motor oil as an example to see how waste oil can be regenerated into diesel.

As we know, used motor oil is the used lubricant oil and lubricant oil belongs to petroleum product which is composed of hydrocarbon polymers. After cracking distillation and further chemical refining process, used motor oil can be refined into diesel like fuel. And, after proper treatment, the diesel got from waste motor oil can be even used for diesel cars.

waste oil distillation plantDOING high quality waste oil distillation plant

Our waste oil refinery plant just works to refine waste oil into diesel fuel. It has different models and oil handling capacities, among which our 10ton latest waste oil refinery plant is very popular with our customers. The following is the refining process of DOING 10TPD latest waste oil refinery plant for reference.

processThe process of waste oil distillation plant

1st-step refining process --used motor oil distillation

Used motor oil is heavier and has higher density and flash point than normal diesel. To make it become lighter, its long-chain hydrocarbon has to be cracked down into the short one, so the first step is distillation.

2n-step refining process --Decoloring and catalytic pyrolysis

In this process, the distillation oil gas will go through the catalytic tower of waste oil refinery plant for further refining. Two different kinds of catalysts inside the tower work together to purify the distillation oil gas and meanwhile pyrolyze some heaver oil gas.

3rd-step refining process--Distillation oil gas cooling

The distillation oil gas after catalytic treatment will flow into the cooling system of our waste oil refinery plant to cool down and then collected into temporary oil tanks.

4th-step refining process-- Further decoloring and purification of Distillation oil

This process is optional, but if you wanna use the diesel got from used motor oil for some transportation vehicles, this step is very necessary because it can ensure the final oil is pure and transparent, which is good for engines.

waste oil to diesel refinery plantApplications of diesel extracted from waste oil refinery plant

So we can be very sure that waste oil can be regenerated into diesel through our waste oil refinery plant. DOING waste oil refinery plant can treat various kinds of waste oils to help you obtain light color&good quality diesel, bringing you great profits. For more information, please do not hesitate to send us your enquiry.


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