Can pyrolysis oil be used in diesel engines?

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Pyrolysis oil refers to the fuel oil obtained from waste tires, waste plastics, waste rubber oil sludge etc. through the pyrolysis process. Pyrolysis oil is a kind of brown and black heating fuel. Its heating value is 10592.48Kcal/kg. Widely used in cement factories, glass factories, steel mills, boiler factories, etc. Pyrolysis oil is no problem to being used directly as heating fuel, but it cannot be used directly in diesel engines.

pyrolysis plantThe different applications of pyrolysis oil and diesel

If you want to use the pyrolysis oil in diesel engines, it's suggested to adopt the waste oil distillation plant to further refine the pyrolysis oil into diesel. Then how can we turn that pyrolysis oil into diesel?

DOING waste oil distillation plant can upgrade pyrolysis oil into diesel through several steps: distillation, decolorization, deodorization and further filtration system.

The pyrolysis oil is boiled and gasified by DOING's dual heating system (heat conduction oil heating system and fuel oil heating system), and it is distilled. The oil and gas is removed by the catalytic tower and then condensed into non-specified diesel oil in the condensation system. The non-condensable flammable mixed gas is sent to the heating system after processed by water sealing(safety device) to the heating chamber for full combustion.

waste oil distillation plantThe process of waste oil distillation

Then the non-specified diesel oil is yellow after the pyrolysis oil distillation process. According to the SGS report, the heating value of diesel after DOING distillation plant is about 11000Kcal/kg, which can be used in trucks, tractors, heavy machinery, diesel generators, etc.

If you want to further refine the pyrolysis oil to a higher purity diesel, you need to add a waste oil distillation plant of DOING. For more details, please do not hesitate to communicate with the sales manager of DOING.

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