Is it a profitable business to set up waste oil refinery plants?

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Basically, it is a profitable business to set up waste oil refinery plants. Extracting diesel fuel from waste oil such as waste motor oil and waste pyrolysis oil through waste oil refinery plant is the most popular way of waste oil recycling due to its good economic performance.

Firstly, let’s see what we can get from the waste oil refinery plant, then we can make the detailed calculation and you will know if it is a profitable business to set up waste oil refinery plants. There are 3 end products from waste oil refinery process, diesel, bitumen and flammable non-condensate syngas.

waste oil distillation plantWaste oil distillation

Diesel (80% to 85%)

The diesel obtained from used motor oil can be used for trucks, generators and even for some vehicles. And it can also be used as industrial fuel oil for boiler factories, cement factories, steel factories, glass factories, etc.

Bitumen (about 10%)

The bitumen can be used for water proof, road paving or raw material of bitumen products.Besides, it can be sent to bitumen factory for further refining.

Non-condensate syngas. (5%-10%)

The syngas can be recycled as the auxiliary heating energy for the distillation process. Its heating value is as high as 8707kcal/Nm³, which makes the whole refining process very energy saving and thus ensure good economic profit.

The following is a general profit analyst for the reference.

Profit Analysis of 10TPD Waste Oil Refinery Plant
Daily consumption
Cost of 10ton waste oil with oil yield 85% USD3500
Cost of heating energy USD192
Cost of electricity USD50
Cost of labors(2-3) USD200
Cost of chemicals USD 260
Total USD4202
Daily Income
8.5Ton diesel USD6,880.00
1Ton bitumen USD200
Total USD7,080.00
Daily profit USD2,878.00
Monthly profit(25days) USD71,950.00

If you wanna make sure whether or not the waste oil refinery plant project is profitable for you, please feel free to send us your enquiry. Our professional sales consultant will help you do analyst as per the real market situation.

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