What to do with used motor oil?

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used motor oil
Used motor oil

Used motor oil may contain toxic substances such as benzene, lead, zinc and cadmium. When used motor oil is improperly disposed (discarded in rubbish or dumped on the ground or in sewer systems), these contaminants may reach our lakes, rivers or groundwater and contaminate our water.

used motor oil refining machine
Used motor oil distillation machine

Used motor oil is a valuable resource. The oil will not wear out, but only get dirty. The used motor oil you bring to the collection site can be recycled to new products, used to heat or produce bitumen, or used to generate electricity from power plants. Burning only two gallons of used motor oil in a power plant can generate enough electricity to run an average family for 24 hours.

At present, there are mainly the following ways to do with used motor oil:

1. The used motor oil itself is collected and sent to the refinery for re-refining into non-standard diesel by the used motor oil refining machine.

2. The second treatment method for used motor oil is to burn and obtain energy. Large industrial boilers can burn waste oil efficiently and produce little pollution. Therefore, some of the used motor oil will be sent to the power plant or cement kiln to be used as fuel. On a smaller scale, some of the oil will be used by small companies as heating fuel.

3. Used motor oil can also be used to lubricate rusty chains.

As used motor oil could be re-refined into non-standard diesel, thus way it could consume less energy than extracting and refining oil from the ground, and oil recycling helps reduce theoil importation . Then how does the refinery process the used motor oil after collecting a certain amount of used motor oil? The specific workflow is as follows:

used oil to diesel working process
Used motor oil
distillation machine working process

1. Add used motor oil to the reactor and start heating;

2. When the temperature rises to a certain level, a high temperature distillation chemical reaction can be performed to separate impurities from the used motor oil.

3. Condensate the separated oil and gas, liquefy it into light oil and flow into the tank.

4. Remove odor and color;

5. Finally get high quality diesel.

refined oil
Used motor oil
distillation machine final products

Through this used motor oil refining process, 80-85% of non-standard diesel and 15-20% of water and asphalt analogs can be obtained. And according to the customer's requirements for the diesel color, we have an optional diesel purification system. The diesel oil that has been treated in the standard system is brownish yellow. If you want better diesel with better color, we can also provide a deep purification system to get a light yellow diesel product. And at present we have cooperation with many used motor oil refining factory at home and abroad, they all have high evaluation of our used motor oil refining machine:

refining machine
DOING company used motor oil distillation machine installed in Mexico

Cost. The price of re-refined oil is comparable to the oil extracted from underground. In some cases, it costs less.

Performance. Tests showed that the refined non-standard diesel oil has the same performance as the national standard diesel.

Who is using it? Non-standard diesel fuel obtained by used motor oil refining machine can be used for heavy machinery, generators, and boilers. Through feedback from customers, the refined diesel can reach the standard of No. 6 diesel at the local gas station and is directly used for the diesel supply at the immediate gas station.

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