Is the waste engine oil refining to diesel equipment project feasible?

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Waste engine oil
Waste engine oil

Nowadays, waste engine oil is one of the three key points to be controlled in the environmental protection field in the new century. It is a government-supported project to recycle waste oil. It is feasible to use waste engine oil refining equipment to diesel oil. Let us analyze it’s feasibility:

First: establish a quality assurance system, use a hydrogenation concentrate for cracking waste engine oil, a catalyst, and prepare a set of catalyst, decolorizer, deodorizer production line to form a stereotyped product.

Second: determine the scale of investment to the economy, the density of waste oil in urban and rural areas, the low toll collection cost, the waste oil refining to diesel equipment can be produced all day, closed clean operation, fast oil production, oil quality well, the waste engine oil refining to diesel equipment has the characteristics of strong bursting force and resistance to combustion. There is no secondary pollution in production. This technology that turns waste into treasure is to solve the pollution of waste engine oil to the environment and develop new energy, and its social benefits far outweigh the economic benefits. Refining through waste oil refining to diesel equipment is an environmentally-friendly high-tech industry. Because of its significant economic benefits and high added value of end products, the end products are easy to sell. In principle, as long as the technology used is correct, it is invested anywhere. The factories are forward-looking and highly profitable industries. According to incomplete statistics, China produces about 10 million tons of waste oil and oil per day. The output is so large, and the recovery rate is very low. The development and utilization of waste oil equipment for the prospect of refining is broad, the resources are abundant, and it is the country. Supporting objects, and the production process is simple, the technology is easy to master, and the intuitiveness is strong, which is suitable for factory, collective and individual production and operation. Waste oil will be an emerging industry with potential for development in the 21st century.

waste oil refining to diesel equipment
Waste oil refining to diesel equipment

Third: the process technology is pure, low-cost, high-efficiency operation, to ensure the project's  profits.

waste oil refining to diesel equipment
DOIGN waste engine oil refining to diesel  equipment

Refining through DOING company waste engine oil refining to diesel equipment mainly solves three difficult problems affecting the efficient development of the project, namely: quality-scale-benefit problem; therefore, it is very promising to do this project in China, through waste engine oil. The waste engine oil refining to diesel equipment can recycle waste oil again, save energy and protect the environment, and save costs.

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