What is the profit of waste engine oil refining equipment?

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waste oil
Waste oil

We refer to waste oil as a variety of used oils, lubricants, which contain a variety of impurities, oil cleaning function is weak, and there are more sludge. Therefore, the waste engine oil can not be used in the car. Once the car is added to the waste engine oil, the maintenance time will be short, the performance of the engine is poor, and the carbon deposit is likely to occur, which may directly cause engine damage.

At present, the way of waste engine oil is handled in general way:

1. Recycling by an organization certified by the environmental protection department;

2. Pour into the waste water ditch and  soil;

waste engine oil
Waste engine oil pure into the oil

The second way is to dump the waste oil into the wastewater ditch. In the waste soil, it can indeed temporarily reduce the troubles caused by the waste oil. However, once the heavy metals or other harmful substances in the waste oil remain in the soil, it will not be possible for decades. Restoring and purifying these soils requires huge costs, so in the long run this is not a scientific and effective way to dispose of used motor oil.

Many people wonder if you know that waste oil can be recycled? In fact, waste engine oil is not nothing usefully, it can be refined to non-standard diesel by DOING company waste oil refining equipment. These non-standard diesel fuels not only have a very wide range of uses, they can bring us huge profits, but also reduce the harm of waste oil to the soil.

The following is a profit analysis of diesel oil equipment with DOING company 10T/day waste engine oil.Through waste engine oil refining equipment process, we can get 80-85% of diesel and 15-20% of bitumen. We will
use the following input and output to conduct a profit analysis.

distillation machine profits analysis
DOING waste engine oil refining equipment

Operating costs

Waste oil: 10 tons X288 USD/ton = 2868USD

Heating the fuel can use any of the following:

1) Coal: 0.4 tons X 64 dollars/ton = 25 dollars
2) Fuel: 0.6 tons x 478 dollars/ton = 287 dollars
3) Diesel: 0.5 tons X 765USD/ton = 382 dollars
4) Natural gas: 200m23 X 0.36USD / m3 = 72USD

Power consumption: 25KW / h X O.16USD X 20h = 80h

Water consumption: water reuse, almost no consumption

Workers: 1-2 people X 16USD = 32 dollars


Fuel: 8 tons X 765 dollars/ton = 6118 dollars
Asphalt: 1.5 tons X 175USD/ton = 263 dollars

Profit/day (calculated on fuel diesel) $3017.

DOING waste engine oil refining machine
DOING waste engine oil refining equipment

It is not difficult to see from the above that DOING company waste oil refining equipment profit is very considerable and very promising. The waste engine oil refining equipment developed by DOING company has been exported to Europe, and the equipment is environmentally friendly and non-polluting during the refining process.

For more details on waste oil refining equipment, welcome to visit our company or consult online.

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