How much waste oil does it take to make diesel?

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Usually waste oil refers to black heavy oils in the market, such as waste tyre pyrolysis oil, waste plastic pyrolysis oil, waste engine oil, waste motor oil, waste lube oil, etc., and they can be further refined into diesel through waste oil to diesel plants. As for how much diesel oil you can get from the waste oil, it depends on the quality of the waste oil and the oil yield of waste oil to diesel plant.

Take DOING waste oil to diesel plants as an example. The oil yield of DOING waste oil to diesel plants can be 80% to 85% or more, which depends on the quality of waste oil. And the minimum capacity of our waste oil distillation machine is 100kg, which means if you want to get 80kg of diesel oil, you may need 100kg of waste oil as a raw material.

waste oil to diesel plant DOING waste oil to diesel plant

High oil output is very important for people to get good profit. Here are some tips we summarized from our experience for you to obtain more diesel from waste oil.

Firstly, the quality of your raw material --waste oil will greatly influence how much diesel you can get from the waste oil distillation machine. To realize the oil yield of diesel above 85%, it is better to choose the waste oil in good storage condition and storage time less than 2 years. The waste oil with longer storage time and water content higher than 30% is not suitable as the raw material to get profit.

Once your raw material is confirmed and without any problem, you will need to choose a waste oil to diesel plant with a good process, if you want the diesel oil yield to reach 85%.

waste oil to diesel plantThe details of DOING waste oil to diesel plant

DOING new design waste oil to diesel distillation plant adopts catalyst distillation, which can help reduce decomposition temperature, increase molecular conversion rate, reduce energy consumption, and increase the oil yield of diesel; at the same time, it is equipped with an advanced filtration system, which can effectively remove impurities in the refining process and solid particles, improve the quality and oil yield of diesel.

Choose suitable waste oil and waste oil to diesel distillation plants, you can get more diesel with the least waste oil, reduce cost and get higher profit. If you are interested in doing this waste oil to diesel business, you can leave us a message, so our project manager can share more detailed information with you and provide professional guidance to you.

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