Which oil can be used as a substitute for diesel?

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With the rising international oil prices, more and more people began to select other oils to be used as a substitute for diesel to save cost. This article will have a brief introduction about some oils that can be used as a substitute for diesel:

Substitute oil one: Pyrolysis fuel oil

The pyrolysis fuel oil can be obtained from waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine by pyrolyzing waste tires, plastics, oil sludge, rubber and other wastes. In general, pyrolysis fuel oil is a kind of heavy oil or crude oil. According to the SGS report, under the condition of 15 ℃, the density of the pyrolysis fuel oil is 0.8205 g/cm3, the gross calorific value is 44.32 MJ/kg, which can be used in heavy oil generator, boiler, cement factory, steel factory, etc., making it a great substitute for diesel.

Applications of obtained pyrolysis fuel oilApplications of obtained pyrolysis fuel oil

And in addition to the common batch type and semi-continuous waste tire plastic pyrolysis machines, DOING continuous pyrolysis machine also becomes a popular choice for most customers due to its high automation, working efficiency and oil yield.

Substitute oil two: Non-standard diesel

Applications of obtained non-standard diesel oilApplications of obtained non-standard diesel oil

The non-standard diesel can be obtained from waste oil distillation plant by distillate and catalyze waste oil, crude oil, pyrolysis oil, waste lubricate oil, which can be used in ships, trucks, generators, boilers, etc. Normally, you can choose to use such diesel in the motors under 2000r. If you want to use it in other motors, you can consider mixing it with standard diesel.

DOING new design waste oil distillation plant adopts the latest technology and solid catalyst to obtain good quality diesel without bad smell and color. And our waste oil distillation plants have successfully run in Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia and other countries; the obtained diesel oil all receive good feedback from our customers.

Successful project cases of DOING waste oil distillation plantsSuccessful project cases of DOING waste oil distillation plants

And apart from the pyrolysis fuel oil and non-standard diesel obtained from these two machines, we can also obtain other products, such as carbon black and syn-gas from waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine and asphalt from waste oil distillation plant, which all have multiple applications.

Carbon black, you can use it in the cement factory or you make it into a carbon black pellet as heating fuel to replace oil and coal; Syn-gas is a kind of natural gas, used in our daily life. After removing the smells of syngas, you can use it directly to heat or you can store it to use it in other areas; Asphalt can be used for paving or remelting to make other products.

Professional engineer team of DOING CompanyProfessional engineer team of DOING Company

To purchase excellent waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine&waste oil distillation plant from manufacturer with comprehensive strength is an essential step to successfully carry out the project of producing oils as a substitute for diesel. DOING has researched waste tire plastic pyrolysis machines and waste oil distillation plants for over 13 years, if you also want to carry out similar projects to produce oils as a substitute for diesel, welcome to contact us!

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