Can pyrolysis oil be used in diesel machines?

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Fuel oil extracted from raw materials such as waste tires, waste plastics, and waste oil sludge after being cracked by pyrolysis machines is also called pyrolysis oil, crude oil, and heavy oil. Pyrolysis oil is neither gasoline nor diesel, in fact it is an industrial fuel. It is not recommended to use pyrolysis oil directly in diesel engines.

Pyrolysis oil is obtained through one cracking process and has not been finely refined. It has a heavy color and a flash point of 70°C. Under normal pressure at 15°C, the pyrolysis oil has a density of 0.9146g/cm3 and a total calorific value of 44.32MJ/kg. Because its calorific value has reached more than 11,000 kcal, it can be used as industrial fuel for combustion and heating in steel plants, glass plants, cement plants, ceramic plants, and boiler fires.

pyrolysis oilThe applications of pyrolysis oil

But the reason why pyrolysis oil cannot be directly used in diesel engines is mainly because pyrolysis oil contains a large amount of cycloalkanes and aromatics. Higher content of aromatics will reduce the quality of oil products, make pyrolysis oil combustion incomplete. And the exhaust gas contains more tiny particulate matter (PM), which will increase the concentration of PM2.5 in the air. These substances can directly affect the combustion efficiency of pyrolysis oil in diesel engines and pollute the environment.

In addition, pyrolysis oil has characteristics such as low flash point, high density, and high viscosity, which may cause problems such as poor atomization, poor fluidity, engine instability, and carbon deposits. It is these problems that limit the direct use of pyrolysis oil in diesel engines.

distillation plantThe pyrolysis oil distillation plant 3D picture

If you want to use pyrolysis oil in a diesel engine, you can process pyrolysis oil and refine it into non-standard diesel. That is to use waste oil distillation machine to refine pyrolysis oil through the process of high temperature distillation, multi-stage catalytic reactions, decolorization and purification. In this way, the pyrolysis oil is further refined into clean and bright non-standard diesel oil. This type of diesel fuel can be widely used in diesel engines, diesel generators, burners, heavy machinery, agricultural machinery and boilers, etc.

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