What is the price of used oil refinery plant?

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Used oil refinery plant is a kind of machine that can convert waste oil or pyrolysis oil into diesel and asphalt through high-temperature distillation. Its prices is related to many factors. In the purchase of used oil refinery plant, do not just consider the lower price of used oil refinery plant, and you should integrate a variety of factors to choose a cost-effective used oil refinery plant.

used oil refinery plantDOING used oil refinery plant

Different form Material

Used oil refinery plant is mainly made of steel, so it is greatly affected by steel price. With the fluctuation of steel price directly affects the price of oil refinery plant, which is beyond doubt. Different materials will lead to different service time, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and compression resistance, as well as different prices.

Different from capacity

The daily processing capacity is the key factor affecting the price, as usual, we have 500kg/1t/5t/10t/15t machine, for our regular reactor, one set is 5t, according to the capacity, we will give suitable suggestion to guide you.

used oil refinery plantDifferent capacity of used oil refinery plant

Different from technical standard

Reactors, flanges, etc. are standard pressure vessels, but there are some non-standard pressure vessels on the market, and the requirements are not very high, so technical standards are also a factor affecting the price.

Different from configuration

In the configuration of used oil refinery plant, there are standard configuration and high configuration, different configurations will lead to different prices. For example, we have optional equipment: heat conduction oil furnace and clay decolorization system, etc. For our used oil refinery plant, we use a dual heating system, which can make the raw oil be fully and quickly distilled, saving much time. In addition, the purer color of diesel oil, more valuable, so we are equipped with clay decolorization system, which can make the color of diesel oil more pure, but these are optional, it is the customer's own choice. Therefore, the customer's configuration choice will also affect the price of the used oil refinery plant.

oil refinery plantClay decolorization system of used oil refinery plant

Different from design

Of course, in addition to the above factors, the price is also affected by the design of used oil refinery plant. At present, our company mainly promotes two kinds of design, one design is with sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide catalyst, which is a traditional design. The gum and wax in diesel oil are cleaned by acid-base neutralization method. However, considering the strict control of sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide in some countries, we have designed new catalyst which is solid catalyst, better cleaning effect, more convenient for us to use. The prices of two designs are also different.

oil refinery plantNew designed used oil refinery plant

To sum up, all of these will affect the price of the used oil refinery plant, so don't just consider the low price when buying. It is wise to take a combination of considerations.


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