Is the waste tire recycling business a profitable opportunity?

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Some investors see the opportunity in the waste tyre recycling business, but are skeptical about the profitability. Is the waste tire recycling business a profitable opportunity? Of course, it is. I believe you will have a clearer understanding through the following content.

tyre recyclingWaste tyre recycling business

First of all, waste tires are abundant in raw materials

With the improvement of people's living standards, cars have become very common, so the replacement of waste tires is very abundant, and some areas are everywhere. If you're in the tire recycling business, obviously, you don't have to worry about raw materials.

tire recycling plantLots of waste tires

Secondly, environmental protection tire recycling pyrolysis plant

Some company has been committed to the research and development of environmental protection tire recycling pyrolysis plant, among which the tire pyrolysis plant developed can crack waste tires into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, and synthetic gas. In other words, discarded tires can be converted into useful products.

tire pyrolysis plantEnvironmental protection tire recycling pyrolysis plant

Thirdly, the final products are widely used and sell well

♦ 45% fuel oil

It is a good heating fuel with a calorific value of 10592.48 kcal/kg. Fuel oil is widely used in boiler plants, cement plants, steel plants, brick factories, glass plants, heavy oil power plants, heating centers, etc.

♦ 30% carbon black

It can be sold directly or formed into pellets instead of coal for industrial heating. The combustion value of carbon black is 7000 kcal, which is equivalent to coal and charcoal. Or further refined into a variety of rubber products.

♦ 15% of steel wire

It can be obtained and sold to steel mills or scrap recyclers.

♦ 10% of synthetic natural gas

it will be recycled to heat the reactor to you’re your heating fuel.

Of course, the profits are mainly derived from the end products. The following is the profit analysis of 10 tons of tire recycling pyrolysis plant.

Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant Profit Analysis (Take a 10TPD machine as an example)
Operating cost/day
Used tyres 10 tons * 80 US dollars/ton = 800 US dollars
Heating fuel
(Choose one of the fuels)

1. Coal: 0.4 tons * 125 US dollars/ton = 50 US dollars;

2. Fuel: 0.4 tons * $490/ton = $196;

3. Diesel: 0.3 tons * $740/ton = $222;

4. Natural gas: 150m3 * 0.35 USD/m3 = 52.5 USD

Power consumption 20Kw/h = 30 U.S. dollars
Water consumption Water is recycled and almost no consumption
Workers 3 persons * 23 U.S. dollars = $ 69
Fuel oil 4 tons * $490/ton = $1960
Carbon black

3 tons:

(1) Direct selling, *60 US dollars/ton = 180 US dollars
(2) Milling, *185 USD/ton = 555 USD

Steel wire 1.5 tons * 120 US dollars/ton = 180 US dollars
Profit/day (calculated on the basis of burning fuel oil and carbon black) $1,275/day

Forth, the payback period is very quick

The payback period of waste tire recycling business is generally within 3 months to 4 months. Of course I am referring to the handling capacity of 10 tons or 12 tons of tire recycling pyrolysis plant selected by foreign customers. The larger capacity you can handle, the faster you can return the higher payback.

Read the above introduction, I believe you will be more confident in the waste tire recycling business, and contact us to get a free quote.

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